Let's Work Together

It doesn’t matter what the size of your company is, what products or services you offer, or where in the world you have customers.

The fact of the matter is that your customers’ experience with you begins long before they ever buy anything from you. It starts with what they read, see, and hear about you, both on and offline. Similarly, their experience doesn’t end after they’ve bought your product or service.

Ask Yourself

  1. How is your product or service ranked on comparison sites?
  2. How do people feel about the service they received or the way your product is performing?
  3. What are you customers saying about your product or service on social media?
  4. What might potential customers want to know about you before buying your product or service?

At the end of the day, our goal is to deliver a strong, relevant customer experience, on and offline through all touchpoints, so that your customers are satisfied, have a strong bond with you, your products, and your services, and become loyal brand ambassadors.

We Will

  1. Map your customer journey
  2. Obtain feedback from customers
  3. Obtain feedback from teams
  4. Identify opportunities

Mapping your customer’s journey

Mapping your customers’ journey is the essential first step to understanding their experience with you and identifying what can be improved; whether that’s your communications, your general marketing efforts, your after-sales engagement (notice I didn’t say ‘service’), the way your teams support each other to deliver on your company’s promises to your customers, and everything in between.

Together, we will audit all online and offline interactions your customers have with your brand. We will also get some feedback from them to understand from them which of their needs and values your product or service is meeting, and where they feel there is room for improvement

Feedback from teams

We will meet with your teams to understand how they fulfill their contribution to the customers’ journey, including how they work together and what challenges they believe exist.

Identifying opportunities

Finally, we will be in a position to determine what opportunities exist for you to do something different or do something better and what resources you have to put towards improving your customers’ journey and experiences with you.

Although, as the phrase goes, the only constant in life is change, human beings are generally not comfortable with the uncertainty of change. In today’s world, the surest way to fall behind is by standing still; so not changing is not an option. The good news is that, most times, all it takes is one person to come in from the outside who can articulate the positivity of change and lead your teams along their new path, giving them the tools they need to be motivated, fulfilled, and productive.

Together we will examine your resources, capabilities, and processes to determine where there are opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Ask yourself

  1. Are all your colleagues motivated, fulfilled, and productive?
  2. Are all your resources being put to the most efficient and effective use?
  3. What drives your team to do and feel their best?
  4. How are your internal culture, procedures, and processes affecting your customer experience and the bottom line?

We will also, as much as is practical, request feedback from your team members to understand their individual capabilities and values to ensure that their skills are being put to the best use and they are being challenged and fulfilled in their roles. We will then work with colleagues to put a plan in place to deliver the identified efficiencies. Should you wish me to, I will even support the implementation of the plan and conduct some individual or team coaching.

We Will

  1. Identify opportunities
  2. Create better understanding among teams
  3. Optimize resources
  4. Create a collaborative environment
  5. Assess success
  6. Integrate current resources
  7. Develop best practices

Ultimately, our goal is to create an efficient working environment where colleagues are motivated, fulfilled, collaborating with each other, and productive – all of which positively affects the customer experience so there’s an added bonus to be had.